They Made It (their excuse)

They made East Germany their excuse

They took the Berlin Wall

And turned it into Armageddon

They made that goddam ruin

of mortar and bricks

Into an equation that never tallied

A kind of tide

That ran against the stream

Of every dream

We ever dreamed

Of fairness and justice

And goodness

And kindness

They made it into the fall of every

longed for

believed in

cared for

fought for


And now that their (God)-ideology

has fallen

They cannot admit

That we were right

And they were wrong

That human beings were better

Than their economic


The destiny

They’d buy and sell

All the wealth

in Christendom

And all the gold as well

We drifted far

And drifted wide

We ran aground

And lost and found

All that life

Could sell and take

But ‘we’

– the fuckers –

never dreamed

That on our watch

They’d trade

Our heaven and our hell

For all that gold

Could buy and sell

And now that they

And all they built

Have been and gone

And fallen down

They argue yet

That we and they

Were partners

In the bloody ground

They ploughed


~ by Raymond Oberholzer on November 20, 2009.

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